Gertrude Holcombe

b. 23 December 1896, d. 28 October 1986
     Gertrude Holcombe was born on 23 December 1896 at Plymouth, IA. She was the daughter of Walter Sylvester Holcombe and Amanda Julia Towne. Gertrude Holcombe died on 28 October 1986 at Plymouth, IA, at age 89.

Child of Gertrude Holcombe and Charles Henry Fromm

June Cawley

b. 1917, d. 1957
     June Cawley was born in 1917 at Mason City, IA. She was the daughter of Charles Cawley and Harriet Holcombe. June Cawley died in 1957 at Mason City, IA.

Mervin Parker

b. 6 November 1920, d. 26 May 1996
     Mervin Parker was born on 6 November 1920. He was the son of Artie R. Parker and Gladys May Holcombe. Mervin Parker died on 26 May 1996 at Sun City, AZ, at age 75.

Charles Walter Fromm

b. 20 June 1920, d. 20 January 1940
     Charles Walter Fromm was born on 20 June 1920 at Cerro Gordo Co., IA. He was the son of Charles Henry Fromm and Gertrude Holcombe. Charles Walter Fromm died on 20 January 1940 at Plymouth, IA, at age 19.

Sidney Hugh Holcombe

b. 15 October 1928, d. 8 May 1995
     Sidney Hugh Holcombe was born on 15 October 1928 at Washington, IA. He was the son of Chester Hemon Holcombe and Katherine Iona Orr. Sidney Hugh Holcombe died on 8 May 1995 at Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA, at age 66.

Holle Victoria Holcombe

b. 21 February 1950, d. 29 July 2000
     Holle Victoria Holcombe was born on 21 February 1950.1 She was the daughter of Samuel Mose Holcombe and Doris Doolittle. Holle Victoria Holcombe married Richard Lee Harris on 10 April 1971 at Webster City, IA. Holle Victoria Holcombe died on 29 July 2000 at age 50.1


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Robert Karl Holcombe

b. 28 February 1956, d. 28 July 1956
     Robert Karl Holcombe was born on 28 February 1956. He was the son of Charles Dickens Holcombe III and Adolfine Juarez. Robert Karl Holcombe died on 28 July 1956.