Elvira C. King

b. 1813, d. 1901
     Elvira C. King was born in 1813. She married Almon Holcombe, son of Bethuel Holcombe and Deziah Holcombe. Elvira C. King died in 1901. She was buried at Sherburne Quarter Cemetery, Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY.

Child of Elvira C. King and Almon Holcombe


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Willis Irving Wells

     Willis Irving Wells married Livonia Richardson circa 1883.

Children of Willis Irving Wells and Livonia Richardson

Margaret L. Rogers1

b. 22 May 1872, d. 28 June 1903
     Margaret L. Rogers was born on 22 May 1872.1 She was the daughter of Anthony Rogers and Jane Elizabeth Miller.1 Margaret L. Rogers married William Mooney.1 Margaret L. Rogers died on 28 June 1903 at Norwich, MI, at age 31.1


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Eugenia Hannah Holcombe1

b. 10 April 1834, d. 21 May 1899
     Eugenia Hannah Holcombe was born on 10 April 1834 at OH.1 She was the daughter of Benjamin Holcombe and Sabra Rouse.1 Eugenia Hannah Holcombe married Francis M. Munson on 11 September 1852 at Medina Co., OH.2 Eugenia Hannah Holcombe married Albert J. Capen on 14 April 1859 at Jefferson Co., WI.2 Eugenia Hannah Holcombe died on 21 May 1899 at Montcalm Co., MI, at age 65.1 She was buried at Foret Hill Cemetery, Stanton, Montcalm Co., MI.2

Court records accuse Francis of Drunkenness, abuse and desertion. They were separated in September 1858. 2

Children of Eugenia Hannah Holcombe and Francis M. Munson


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Shirley Ann Christ1

b. 6 April 1930, d. 8 November 1997
     Shirley Ann Christ was born on 6 April 1930 at New Britain, Hartford Co., CT.1,2 She was the daughter of Henry A. Christ and Louise D. Holcombe.1 Shirley Ann Christ married William E. Fort in 1950. Shirley Ann Christ died on 8 November 1997 at Shelby, Richland Co., OH, at age 67.2


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J.M. Beckwith

     J.M. Beckwith was the daughter of (?) Beckwith and Carrie (?)

Harriet Hayes1

     Harriet Hayes was the daughter of Samuel Hayes VI and Mary Chisom.1


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James Curtice1

d. 5 September 1690
     James Curtice married Abigail (?)1 James Curtice died on 5 September 1690 at Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT.1

Child of James Curtice and Abigail (?)


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Joseph Cheney1

b. 2 November 1709, d. 1776
     Joseph Cheney married Elizabeth Tucker.1 Joseph Cheney was born on 2 November 1709 at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA.1 He was the son of Benjamin Cheney and Mary Harbert.1 Joseph Cheney died in 1776.1

Child of Joseph Cheney and Elizabeth Tucker


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Elizabeth Munson

b. circa 1843
     Elizabeth Munson was born circa 1843 at IL.1 She married William Horace Holcombe, son of William Horace Holcombe and Hannah Hickley, in 1866 at New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.2

Children of Elizabeth Munson and William Horace Holcombe


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Gideon Cheuvront

     Gideon Cheuvront was the son of Joseph Cheuvront and Elizabeth Ellsworth. Gideon Cheuvront married Phoebe Post.

Child of Gideon Cheuvront and Phoebe Post

Mary Elsie Moore

b. 22 October 1889, d. 21 December 1941
     Mary Elsie Moore was born on 22 October 1889 at Brooklyn, New York, USA. She was the daughter of Charles Arthur Moore and Mary L. Campbell. Mary Elsie Moore married Marino Torlonia 4th Prince of Civitella-Cesi, son of Giulio Torlonia 2nd Duke of Poli and Guadagnolo and Teresa Chigi-Alabani, on 15 August 1907 at Old Orchard, Belle Haven, CT. Mary Elsie Moore died on 21 December 1941 at NY at age 52.

Child of Mary Elsie Moore and Marino Torlonia 4th Prince of Civitella-Cesi

Anson Goodwin

b. 20 August 1781, d. 23 December 1871
     Anson Goodwin was born on 20 August 1781 at Ashfield, Franklin Co., MA.1 He was the son of Eldad Francis Goodwin and Lucy Scott. Anson Goodwin married Temperance Rogers in 1803.1 Anson Goodwin died on 23 December 1871 at Ashfield, Franklin Co., MA, at age 90.1

Anson's interest was towards the medical profession. He made surgeons' splints and manufactured essences and extracts, which he sold in the surrounding territory. 1

Child of Anson Goodwin and Temperance Rogers


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Peter Clark

d. 16 April 1847
     Peter Clark was the son of Dr. Asaph M. Clark and Rebecca Mason Nichols. Peter Clark died on 16 April 1847; in infancy.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.

b. 3 March 1909, d. 7 November 1909
     Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. was born on 3 March 1909. He was the son of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and First Lady Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. died on 7 November 1909.

Beecher E. Johnson1

b. December 1897
     Beecher E. Johnson was born in December 1897.1 He was the son of William James Johnson and Gertrude Holcombe.1


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Cynthia Samantha Truman1

b. 15 September 1825, d. 9 March 1885
     Cynthia Samantha Truman was born on 15 September 1825 at Scott, Cortland Co., NY.1 She was the daughter of John Truman and Cynthia Truman.1 Cynthia Samantha Truman died on 9 March 1885 at Milton, Rock Co., WI, at age 59.1


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Fred Burton Truman

b. 12 March 1924, d. February 1983
     Fred Burton Truman was born on 12 March 1924 at WI. He was the son of Fred Burton Truman and Eliza Hadley. Fred Burton Truman died in February 1983 at Milton, Rock Co., WI, at age 58.1


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Louisa Betsy Case

     Louisa Betsy Case was the daughter of Luman Case and Betsy Humphrey.

Laura Louisa Woods1

b. 1849, d. 1876
     Laura Louisa Woods was born in 1849.1 She was the daughter of William Woods and Dorcas Sophronia Case.1 Laura Louisa Woods married James Andrew Sexton in 1868.1 Laura Louisa Woods died in 1876.1

Child of Laura Louisa Woods and James Andrew Sexton


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Harriet Louisa Holcombe

b. 9 December 1854, d. 30 March 1875
     Harriet Louisa Holcombe was born on 9 December 1854. She was the daughter of Humphrey Holcombe and Emaline C. Smith. Harriet Louisa Holcombe died on 30 March 1875 at age 20.

Ora Miranda Curtiss1

b. 15 August 1811
     Ora Miranda Curtiss was born on 15 August 1811 at CT.1 She was the daughter of Homer Curtiss and Charity Everett.1 Ora Miranda Curtiss married Martin B. Strong, son of Eben Strong and Mary Hine.1

Child of Ora Miranda Curtiss and Martin B. Strong


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Lorraine Holcombe

     Lorraine Holcombe was the daughter of Howard C. Holcombe and Helen Jean Hunter. Lorraine Holcombe died.

William Spencer1

     William Spencer was the son of Thomas Spencer and Margaret Smith.1 William Spencer married Agnes Heritage.1

Child of William Spencer and Agnes Heritage


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Jessie Wodrow Wilson

b. 1887, d. 1933
     Jessie Wodrow Wilson was born in 1887. She was the daughter of President Thomas Woodrow Wilson and First Lady Ellen Louise Axson. Jessie Wodrow Wilson died in 1933.